Tips on How to Maintain Your Copy Machine

03 Nov

The copy machine is an important tool to always maintain in that if it is down your services become grinding halt to struggle about to understand. It will be an important part for you to do an efficient business. There for the following are the best tips on how to maintain your copy machine.

Before maintaining your machine, it is very crucial to turn off power just before the entire process of cleaning the machine starts. Doing so this will help in the maximum protection of the machine thus protecting you from avoiding any electrical accidents that might arise any time when using the machine. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you switch off the power for good maintenance of the copy machines. this increases the lifespan of the machine.

Ensure the right products are used by checking the manufacturer from this official source. This will help you to make sure that the papers that are used should be the best ones and of high quality also the toner you use for your copier should be the most appropriate one that is compatible to your machine. This is because when higher quality papers are used by your machine there is less dust that will be found inside your machine, this it turns will therefore mean that there will be less maintenance done for the purpose of increasing the lifespan.

Make sure there is cleaning of your machine regularly as when you do it consistently then there shall be a significant extend of its life when using the machine. Also ensure that the machine is protected from any scratches by ensuring that the paper clips are well removed from the machine also proper removing of the staples before doing scanning your documents. On the inner side of your machine clean all the visible dust from your machine by wiping the machine clean.  Finally make sure that the top of the ink nozzle is cleaned by using a cotton swap which is dipped in the alcohol liquid. Find the right machine services at

Finally ensure you have regular checkups of the machine and maintenance services. No matter the efforts you might use in cleaning the copy machine when it is normally working but there are those components that you might not successfully reach during the cleaning. What you need to ensure is that the machine will stay in a very good working condition with regular maintenance services as well as checkups but they should be from some highly qualified professionals who understands the copy machines so well. Therefore, doing this will extend the lifespan of your machine. To read more on the importance of copy machine maintenance, visit

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